August 23, 2017

Principal’s Message: Traffic Updates and a Reminder

Thank you to everyone for your help during drop off. We have many more families coming through the back entrances and side entrance so far. Please keep it up!

Two reminders about the front entrance:

1. The front parking lot is currently restricted to staff and handicapped parking only. This rule is critical during Pick Up, when there are still serious traffic issues at the main entrance.

2. If you pick up your child by driving into the front entrance and are unable to pull in due to cars in the turnaround, please choose one of the following strategies:

(a) drive past the entrance, park on Martens, and walk in to pick up your child

(b) pull as far to the right as possible so that, in case of emergency, first responders are able to get into the neighborhood.

Both of these strategies may actually save you time We are currently working with the city on a potential solution to our daily gridlock on Martens between Grant and Carmelita--anything you can do helps!

Thank you for keeping our community safe!

Hawk Safe Zone - Safety Tip #1

As part of our traffic safety campaign, we wanted to have a way to remind parents both that safety matters and to highlight specific bad behaviors. Introducing: traffic tips from the Hawk Safe Zone! Check out our first tip.

Back to School Night: 8/23

Join us tonight for an introduction or re-introduction to Huff! Meet our staff and parent leaders, and most importantly, get to know your child’s teacher and what to expect for the 2017-18 school year. Our event starts promptly at 6:00 on the blacktop, with two “periods” to visit classrooms starting at 6:30 and 7:00 (for those of us with multiple children in different classrooms). Our evening ends at 7:30. See you soon!

Test score reports coming home soon

Each spring, California students participate in the statewide testing program, the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). The tests in CAASPP provide information to teachers, parents/guardians, and students about grade-level progress and readiness for college and career.

Your child’s score report has been or will be sent home to you as it’s received from the state. Look for your child’s score report to come home in the mail to you in the next couple of weeks.

To see how to read the report, see this video here:

Understanding Student Score Reports

Cómo entender los informes de calificaciones estudiantiles

Don’t Throw Away Your Eclipse Glasses 

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