School Site Council

The Huff School Site Council (SSC) is a group of Huff parents and staff who work in collaboration with the Principal to make decisions and provide feedback on Huff School Site Plan goals. The goals relate to the areas of student achievement, targeted student support services, and culture. The Huff School Site Plan is a yearly plan which outlines the school achievement goals in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, English Language Learners, and School Climate.

Members of the Huff community are welcome to attend SSC meetings or to serve as members of the council. Meetings are held in the Huff Staff Lounge and times are listed on the school calendar.

The 2018-2019 School Site Council members are:

Huff Staff:

  • Geoffrey Chang, Principal
  • Camela Algieri, Teacher
  • Shelley Hsieh, Teacher
  • Teresa Diaz, At-Risk Intervention Supervisor
  • Susana Morales, School & Community Engagement Facilitator

Huff Parents:

  • Brooke Heymach-Friedman
  • Maria Lara
  • Deniz Ergurel
  • Dorothy Lin
  • Philip Lee

English Learner Advisory Committee

The English Learner Advisory Committee is made up of interested family members, mainly those for whom English is not their primary language. The goal of the ELAC is to advise school leadership on issues related to the education of English Learners, as well as school priorities in general. Members of the community are welcome to join ELAC meetings, which take place in MUR and times are listed on the school calendar.

The 2018-19 English Learner Advisory Committee officers are:

Amitabh Saikia, parent

Maria Lara, parent

Olesya Grichina, parent

2018-19 ELAC Agendas and Notes

Click here to access the document. Please note that the most recent agenda and notes are at the top. Any future agendas posted are tentative until 72 hours before the meeting.